bah hoppah
Boston Accents Company wicked pissah
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pahkin ya cah is wicked hahd
wicked big tea pahty
bah hoppah

Get a ‘T’ fah yahself or
someone ya know!

Whethah you’ve evah tried to ‘pahk ya cah’ or just want to wish someone a ‘wicked pissah day’, we’ve got a ‘T’ fah you. Each T has a distincitive phrase on one side and the Boston Accents Co. logo on the othah. All ‘T’s ah preshrunk fah the fit you expect and pigment-dyed fah the look ya want. With sizes from small-xxl, we probably have one fah you. Slip on the comfort of a T and show that yah proud to be a New Englandah, or just like to bring home a memento of yah trip to Boston. Eithah way, they’ll bring a smile to someones face. Be sure to come back often as we’ll be releasing new ‘T’ sayings soon!

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wicked big tea pahty
r's ah fa losahs

Boston Accents Co. - Makahs of wicked pissah T’s and Lids. © Copyright 2006. ‘Have a wicked pissah day’,
R’s ah fah losahs’ and the circular mark are trademarks of Boston Accents Co. All rights reserved.

have a wicked pissah day

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